Short information in English

The Mental Health Network Switzerland (Netzwerk Psychische Gesundheit Schweiz NPG – Réseau Santé Psychique Suisse RSP – Rete Salute Psichica Svizzera)
is a national initiative, for the promotion of mental health and the reduction of mental health problems and their effects, as well as for suicide prevention, in Switzerland.

To achieve its mission it aims at establishing as large a network of players and measures in the area of mental health in Switzerland as possible, in order to further the exchange of information and knowledge, as well as making innovative approaches accessible and promoting synergies. The Network itself does not establish or finance any prevention measures.

In short, the Mental Health Network Switzerland is:

  • an association of more than 400 organisations, institutions, and enterprises who get involved with mental health in Switzerland;
  • a non-profit organisation carried by the Federation, the Cantons, and Health Promotion Switzerland;
  • a platform for actors and their measures in the field of mental health, especially its promotion, and the prevention of mental illness as well as suicide prevention;
  • organizer of the Mental Health Network Switzerland annual meeting;
  • umbrella organisation of the Swiss Alliances Against Depression.

Funding organizations are: Federal Office of Public Health, Federal Social Insurance Office, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Conference of Cantonal Health Directors (no English Website; German, French), and Health Promotion Switzerland foundation.

The Network’s website is available in German, French and Italian. Unfortunately, we do not have our newsletter and infomail available in English, however we are happy to attend to specific queries in English at info(at)npg-rsp.ch .