Psy-Congress "Transgenerational Mental Health" 17–19 août 2016 à Bale

Conference proceedings
We are very happy that our call for abstracts got a very large response of highly interesting abstracts. We received in total around 460 abstracts, of which more than 100 international abstracts from all over the world. Over 350 abstracts came from the German-speaking or French-speaking part of Switzerland. The subjects of the abstracts cover all the major subthemes of transgenerational mental health. This large number of abstracts reflects a wide interest in the theme of transgenerational mental health and in the concern for children and families dealing with a parent who is suffering of a mental illness. A smaller part of the abstracts is about more general psychiatric and psycho-social issues as is usual in the series of National conferences of the the organizing Swiss Associations. The abstracts are being evaluated by a Swiss evaluation committee and an International evaluation Committee. To give room to as many proposed contributions as possible, we are urged to offer to a part of the applicants a different and less-time consuming presentation form. If it would concern you, we hope you have understanding for this. We have sincerely tried to honour your preferences as much as possible. In the end, the committee is confident to succeed in developing a very interesting three-day conference program of over 80 parallel sessions divided across 4  time slots during the conference.  In addition, conference participants could subscribe to one or two of the around 30 courses and short courses during the Wednesday morning before the formal start of the conference at 1.30 PM. Prof. Clemens Hosman,
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