World Happiness Report 2013

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In 2011 the UN General Assembly passed a historic resolution: It invited member countries to measure the happiness of their people and to use this to help guide their public policies. This was followed in 2012 by the first UN high-level meeting on happiness and well-being, chaired by the Prime Minister of Bhutan. At the same time the first World Happiness Report was published, followed by the OECD Guidelines setting an international standard for the measurement of well-being. From the content: -The way policy makers can use well-being as a policy goal; -OECD’s Guidelines on Measuring Subjective Well-being; -People who are emotionally happier, and who live in happier communities, are more likely to be both, healthy and productive. More and more world leaders, including Angela Merkel and David Cameron, are talking about the importance of well-being as a guide for their nations. This report offers rich evidence that the systematic measurement and analysis of happiness can teach us much about ways to improve people's wellbeing and sustainable development.